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by Rohit Khurana on June 21, 2012


We use computers very frequently these days and one hard fact is that computers do consume power / electricity. Like all other appliances and gadgets, the latest computers are designed to use lesser and lesser power, but still there are millions of PC which are old, consume lots of power and they are still in use. One responsible action we all can take towards our environment is to save some power by shutting down (or hibernating) our computers when it is not in use. But unfortunately, there are some tricky situations like a download is in progress and you need to go somewhere leaving your computer at home or office. Many a times we go for a short meeting which turns out to be too long and the computer keep running at our desks in our offices. In this article, I will share a very simple but very useful freeware tool called the Shutdown Scheduler developed by Damian Pasternak.

Shutdown Scheduler as the name suggests is used to schedule shutdown of a computer, but the tool is quite useful because of the options and features it offers. Besides being a very light-weight and simple software, it does support many useful and common scenarios which computer users come across in day-to-day life. Once such scenario is that you have a video converter batch running which shows that the remaining time is say 2 hours and you have to go out for 5 hours, then you may have to leave your computer running. In this case your computer will finish its job in 2 hours, but will continue to use electricity for 3 extra hours. In such scenario you can set the Shutdown Scheduler to shutdown your Windows computer after say 2 hours and 10 minutes (10 minutes buffer for possibility of some error in estimated time). So after this time when the computer is done with the job, it will shutdown while you are still away from it and it will save a lot of electricity for you.

Shutdown Scheduler (3)


In the same fashion, you can set the computer to stay on till a particular time as per the computer’s clock. This is useful in almost the same ways, but this feature is also quite useful for many users who want to shutdown their computer precisely at certain time when they are not around to shutdown the PC.

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Some other useful ways of using this software is to set the computer to shutdown after certain time when the computer is idle, but this option can cause troubles in case you have some unsaved work, so use this option at your own risk or save all the work before you leave your computer while using this option.

There maybe tasks line burning a DVD or disk or another task like a full system virus scan which may last overnight. Such tasks take not-so-well estimated time, in that case, the PC can be scheduled to turn off when that software exits. This way it will keep you relax from keeping a watch on it and it will shutdown when the software finishes its work and exits.

Shutdown Scheduler (9)

Last options is very interesting which shutdowns the computer when it stops playing sound. Say you are watching a movie on your laptop after a tiring day and you know you may fall asleep during the movie or you feel to sleepy to reach the computer after the movie is over, in such cases your computer will turn off after the movie is over and the computer stops playing any sound. I find this small software pretty cool and useful. Hope you find it useful too and it will save some power/electricity for you which is good for the environment.

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