Save Printing Costs And Paper By Removing Clutter From Webpages

by Rohit Khurana on June 8, 2012


I am big fan of paperless workflow because the kind of work many of us in the digital media industry do, we can avoid the use of papers to a big extent. Printing and use of paper are not only expansive propositions, more importantly they are not very good for the environment. With our planet facing more challenges than ever before like the global warming, water shortages in many parts of the world, we must stay aware and conscious towards environment and adopt eco-friendly habits. There are many offices and domestic uses which involve printing of text and information from the Internet for educational and other work related purposes which can not be replaced or ignored. While the modern printers and technology are more efficient than the older ones in terms of power consumption and ink usage, still there are million of old generation printers in use. Another big challenge is the printing of online content from website which causes a lot of ink wastage as most of the webpages are designed to keep the readability and easy browsing structure in mind and are not designed in a way which will encourage efficient printing. To add to these problems, many popular blog posts have several pages of comments at the end of the blog article or news post, which are many times printed unintentionally if someone is printing a piece of news or post for some purpose.

In this article, I will share a very easy to use solution to save not only money by saving paper and printing costs, but most importantly save the environment by saving power, paper and other resources used for printing. I will here share two popular printer extensions one for Google chrome and other for Firefox users which help reduce the use of paper and energy required in printing. What these extensions do is that they remove all the unnecessary ads, graphics, widgets and other stuff which is not relevant in a printed document and help you take very clean and neat prints with smaller spacing and smaller fonts to reduce the paper usage.

Save Printing Cost of Webpages Using Google Chrome

Google Chrome has a very efficient and popular extension called the “Print Friendly and PDF” which is very easy to use and you can not only print using this extension, you can also save webpages as PDF files which can be read on e-book reader devices and smartphones which can further reduce printing.

Save Printing Cost Of Webpages (2)

Below is an example of a post from our blog which is rendered using Print Friendly extension, the sidebars are removed, all the formatting is also removed and there is very easy to read text which is in very printer friendly format.


Save Printing Cost Of Webpages (3)

In case you don’t need the images in the print, simply click the Remove Images option and only text will remain. Also an interesting way to further reduce printing costs in case of printing a website or any webpage is the font size, if you reduce the font size from 12 to 10, it will save a lot of space, which will save a lot of papers and printing which may result in savings of the tune of 20% to 30%, which can mean thousands of dollars in savings for large organizations over longer periods of time.

Save Printing Cost Of Webpages (4)

Save Printing Cost of Webpages Using Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is very popular browser and there is also an add-on for Firefox called “Printfrindly” which is very similar in user interface and functionality to the Print Friendly for Chrome. Simply install the extension and a small icon appears in the right hand side corner of the Firefox window which can be used to convert any web page into a printer friendly format.

Save Printing Cost Of Webpages (7)

In Firefox Printfriendly extension also, you can save it as PDF, reduce text size, remove images, email the simplified page etc. to keep the printing costs in control.

Save Printing Cost Of Webpages (6)

I would again emphasize that we should use such tools not only for saving money, but more importantly to develop eco-friendly habits so that our future is greener and cleaner with a better environment and healthy life. I hope you like this small tip, I would request you to share this article with your friends and help spread awareness on this. Please leave your comments and suggestions below, we would love to hear your comments and suggestions on the same.

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