Scan, Detect Windows For DLL Hijack Attacks

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on September 8, 2010


One of the most harmful infections on a PC can be DLL hijack. DLL or Dynamically Linked Library files are some files which are used by a number of programs to perform their work properly. When a program uses a hijacked DLL file, then it might be secretly spying on your data, your work or your personal information which can be accessed by that program.

To avoid such kind of troubles and DLL hijack infections, the best way is to keep your PC safe with some reliable Antivirus program. Also disable Autoplay on USB And External Disk devices to avoid any kind of USB virus infections. But what if you already got some hijacked DLL file on your computer ? Don’t worry, there are ways to inspect for DLL hijacks. We have already reviewed one such tool called SpyDLL Remover. In this article, We am going to share another tool called the DLL Hijack Auditor which can inspect any specific executable file or program for any DLL hijack vulnerabilities.

DLL Hijack Auditor scans one particular file and inspects its related DLL files by loading that program. The process is very simple, you just load the program, select the suspected program file which you think might be infected, and then simply start the Audit.



After you press the “Start Audit” button, it will launch the program and scan the associated DLL files and will terminate the program. After the audit is complete it will create a HTML report of the audit.


Below is how the Audit report looks like.


If you are still not sure whether your computer is clean of malwares or infected DLL files, run a scan with Spy DLL Remover and Malware Bytes Anti-Malware Tool.

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