Schedule Backup Of Website MySQL Database On Windows Computer Remotely

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on May 4, 2010


If you use any kind of web-hosting to host your websites which use a MySQL in backend then you will definitely like this post. Many popular web platforms like WordPress, vBulletin, Question-answer script etc use MySQL database in the backend. In this tutorial I will explain you how you can backup and schedule automatic future backup of the MySQL databases automatically on your windows computer without logging into PHPmyAdmin or Using any WordPress plug-in or command line interface.


This procedure is specially useful for the cases where you do not have ready-made plug-ins available. In WordPress its lot easier with use of plug-ins, bit it may be tedious for other kind of platforms which do not provide such easy way as WordPress.

To backup MySQL database remotely, you need to download a free Tool called MySQL Administrator which is a part of MY SLQ GUI Tools Bundle from here.


Before using the tool, you need to add you IP address to the allowed remote IP address list for accessing the MySQL database. If you have a static IP and you know your IP address, you can need not check it, else just open the website to know your external IP address. It will display your IP something like this:


Now log into your web hosting account and click on “Remote MySQL


Here you need to enter the IP address you found above. This will ensure that you can remotely connect to the MySQL database on your hosting from your computer. You can also put “%” symbol for the last one or two numbers in your IP address if they keep changing or in case you have a dynamic IP system, this symbol works as a wild-card.


Just Press the Add Host button and server setting id done.


After you download and install MySQL Administrator, just launch the MySQL Administrator:

You need to create and save a connection, enable saving of password and connect to the Database.



On Options Window,Connections tab, enter your websites Address, database username and password which you want to backup and press OK.

create and save connection

Now click the General Options on the same Options Window and enable Password Saving in Obscure mode. This is needed for scheduled backup.


Now Simply Connect to the saved connection, you will see a window like one below after a successful connection:


Click Backup and Click on New Project button on the right bottom. This will ask you to select the databases to backup and project name:


After selecting the Backup Project name and selecting the databases and tables you need, click the Schedule tab. On this tab you can specify how frequently you want to backup, e.g daily, weekly or monthly etc. Don’t forget to check the checkbox which says “Schedule this backup project


Save the project and Execute the backup. This backup can be done on any kind of MySQL which may or may not be WordPress. Here is a tutorial to backup local MySQL databases.

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