Schedule Hard Disk Defragmentation For Better Hard Disk Performance

by Rohit Khurana on December 31, 2011


Defragmentation in the Hard disks is necessary as it increases the performance of your computer. Defragmentation will reduce the fragmentation in the hard disks by organizing the various files, folders and directories in the continuous location so that read write heads can move faster on the hard drive giving you a faster access to your hard drive. Today I have got a freeware tool for you named Smart Defrag which will help you to defragment your hard drive. Fragmentation in your hard drive is the primary cause of the slowness of the system. The application is a freeware and provides you with automatic defragmentation which will run in the background.


The Smart Defrag has a lot of advantages over the Windows Defragmenter. Smart Defrag is extremely fast and provides very efficient defragmentation as compared to the Windows Defragmenter. It also provides you the performance boost by placing your frequently accessed files and directories in the fastest area of the hard drive giving you the best possible performance which is not possible with Windows Defragmenter. It also provides you with automatic defragmentation which will always keep your computer fragmentation free which is also absent in Windows Defragmenter. The application also provides you with Boot Time Defrag feature which will allow you to defragment the files during the system boot as these files cannot be defragmented after the system boots up.

Smart Defrag 1

This is the screen which you will get after the installation of the software gets finished in order to choose the skin and language of your choice.

Smart Defrag 2

This is the first screen which will open up when you will launch the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The application window will show you all the partitions that you have on the hard drive and also any external hard drive in case you have it. The application has four tabs State, Automatic Defrag, Boot Time Defrag and Report.

Smart Defrag 3

The State tab has four buttons Defrag, Analyze, Pause and Stop. When you will press the Analyze button it will show you all the analysis about you selected Partition. The analysis is in the form of colored squares. Where green squares means frequently used, Black unmovable, green fragmented and Blue rarely used.


Smart Defrag 4

This is the window which will open up when you will select the Automatic Defrag tab. This tab shows you the recent CPU and the Disk usage for this Process.

Smart Defrag 5

The above window will open when you will select the Settings option. The above window has many further options like General Settings, Defrag, Exclude List and Boot Time Defrag. The above image shows you the options available for the General settings.

Smart Defrag 6

The Defrag options is further divided into three option i.e. Automatic Defrag, Scheduled Defrag, Boot Time Defrag. The above window shows you the options available for the Automatic Defrag.

Smart Defrag 7

The above image shows you the options for Scheduled Defrag whether and when it has to be done.

Smart Defrag 8

The above window will show you the options for Boot Time Defrag to specify when do you want to do the boot time defragmentation.

Smart Defrag 9

Above Image will show you the options to choose the files and folders that you don’t want to defragment.

Smart Defrag 10

The above window will give you the options for User Interface and the options to modify it.

Download Smart Defrag

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