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by Rohit Khurana on September 2, 2010


Many a times, we have to take the images of what we are doing. The snapshots are helpful in making projects, sharing something with your friends, informing about any problems in your system to the service provider and many more in the daily life. The tool Greenshot is a very easy way to capture your screen. It also provides various options for the snapshots taken.

Greenshot is a light freeware of 545 kb only. So, you can download it very fast. After the installation, the tool will be there on the system tray at the time of use. You can use it from there itself and there is no separate window to create an obstruction in your on-going work. It is shown in the snapshot below.

greenshot screen capture

You have to right click on the icon on the system tray and capture in different ways. The tool not only facilitates you to capture the image but also helps you in editing it. The different ways of capturing the image (along with their hotkeys) are as stated:

Capture region (Print Screen Key)

It is used to capture a particular part of the screen.

Capture last region (Shift + Print Screen Key)

The part of the screen last captured can be captured again with this option.

Capture window (Alt + Print Screen Key)

It is used to capture one complete window.

Capture The Screen Easily - Windows Live Writer_2010-08-28_21-58-25


Capture full screen (Ctrl + Print Screen Key)

It is used to capture the whole screen.

Apart from taking the images there are some additional options. They will help you to make the images more informative or attractive as you want to represent. You can make changes by using the image editor. The options are as:

  1. Drawing shapes: Rectangle, ellipse, line and arrow. The thickness and colour of the shapes can be changed.
  2. Adding text: It can be used to write a note or caption etc.
  3. Highlighting things: Highlight text, Highlight area, Greyscale and Magnify. It can be used to focus on a particular part.
  4. Obfuscating things: Pixelize or blur. It can be used when you want the viewer to guess something.
  5. Cropping the screenshot: It can be used for a part of the snapshot.
  6. Re-using drawn elements: Save objects to file which are to be used again and again.
  7. Export the screenshot: The snapshots taken can be saved, emailed, copied to the clipboard and even the print out can be taken.

greenshot screen capture review

There is a little problem, you can undo only your last step while editing.

Since the tool has been checked with Windows 7, it is compatible with the older versions also. With the numerous options and the small memory space taken by it, this tool proves to be very useful and helpful. You would surely like to enjoy the tool.

Download Greenshot

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