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by Rohit Khurana on October 22, 2010


When we have to search something on internet, most of us rely only on their favorite search engines like Google, Bing, and many more. But these search engines only provide a list of sites where we can find the answer to our query. So, we have to open those sites and again search in them for the query.

This process takes quite a lot of time and is sometimes annoying. So, in solution to this problem, chrome has come up with an extension called Ozone which helps you to search your query very fast.

Ozone recommends stuff from the web services that you already use. You can get suggestions from around 17 sources: Google, Amazon, Netflix, Wikipedia, YouTube, Chrome Bookmarks, Chrome History, Gmail, Facebook, Google Docs, Dropbox, Apple, Quora, Fanvibe, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Delicious.

When you will install this extension, it will ask access to the data on your browsing history, bookmarks and 12 other websites including and You just have to click ‘Install’.


After that, it will be installed in just a few seconds and will appear with this icon in the toolbar.



Whenever you have to search for anything, just click on the icon which will open anew window. You just have to write your query in the space provided and it will show the result of your query from the 17 websites sources. It runs completely in your browser, communicating with services just like you would if you visited them directly. In fact, if you’re already signed in to a service, Ozone can fetch personalized results automatically (such as auto completing your friends’ names from Facebook).


You can also customize your search by going in the ‘options’ option in the right-click menu. Or, by clicking the option of ‘Customize them’ in the main window of ozone.

Here, you can unmark the sites name from which you do not want the search result. Also, you can enable the option which will show results from Gmail, Facebook, Google Docs or Dropbox when searching in Google. Also, you can choose the maximum number of results to be shown from each source.

After setting all the options, just select on the option ‘Save changes’ and it will be done.


You can also enable this extension in the incognito window by just marking the option ‘Allow in incognito’ in the ‘Extensions’ window.


Download Ozone

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