Change Firefox Search Engine And Search From Firefox Address Bar

by Rohit Khurana on August 2, 2010


One major advantage that makes a user more comfortable with Internet browser Google Chrome is its address bar, whenever we want to search anything then we don’t have to go to Google page and then search about it. Instead we can just type that search in the address bar and then it will be automatically searched on Google. When it comes to other browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Default Browser Internet Explorer, they have their different browsers which we do not use generally.


So, today i will be telling you a remedy for this problem and then you can always change the default search engine in your address bar to any of your choice. The steps required to be followed are mentioned as follows.

Step 1

Go to the address bar and type ‘about:config’ in that space. After you press enter a different page will appear which will look similar to the one shown below in the snapshot.


Step 2

After you press that button ‘I’ll be careful, i promise’. You will find large number of option written in that browser window (as shown in the snapshot below). Do not alter any option if you do not know about them, it may create a problem for you to work on it.


Step 3


If you look carefully on that page then you will notice that there will be a filter bar tat the topic which will look similar as shown above. Now start searching for the option named as ‘Keyword.url’, for this you can use the filter bar. Wherein you will have to write the name of your desired option and then that filter bar will filter it.


Step 4

The only option you will see on the browser will be ‘Keyword.url’. Double click that option in order to change it settings. It will appear as shown below in the snapshot. The default setting can be seen which may be directing you to the page when you used to enter any word in that address bar. Now change that address as per mentioned below:


for Google copy this link:

for Yahoo copy this link:

for Wikipedia copy this link:

for Windows Live search copy this link:

and similarly for other websites you can get idea of their URL by analyzing the URL of a search page (where you have already search about any keyword).


I did the same for Google and when i search a keyword in the address bar it automatically searched Google. I hope that it will help you to great extent.

Go on! use this trick and share your feedback below.

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Himanshu August 2, 2010 at 7:45 pm

great tip man. really liked it. if you have a alexa bar then it’ll automatically make your address bar search to google

Anthony May 1, 2011 at 5:01 pm

Thanks. I was looking everywhere for this. I just downloaded firefox 4 and everytime I searched something directly, it searched with! I so hate, it’s rubbish. Great info! :)

Jack January 17, 2012 at 7:48 pm

Nice, was looking for this change as well, Bing hijacked my address bar search and I can’t figure out which program did it, none of the ones I have gone back to check their install files had it as an option. Maybe it was snuck in under the radar?

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