Search Remove Duplicate Files Based On File Size, Content and Name Of File

by Rohit Khurana on September 9, 2011


Sometimes you may have come across situations where you find that the memory space in your computers reduces and you find it difficult to save more files in your hard disk. This bulkiness of the files may be due to the duplicate files that may be present in the system and as it is very difficult to locate all such type of files, so it reduces the free space on the hard disk. Although, there are many utilities available on the web which can be used to find such kind of duplicate files, but all those utilities search for files only by their name or simply by their size. This doesn’t serve the purpose completely as it often limits the potential of such applications because sometimes a file containing the same or similar content can have a different size or name and thus duplicate files are not properly removed.

So for this reason, as it can be quite effective if a tool can locate duplicate files not only by size and name but also by content, we recommend one of the latest developed tools. WeeDuplicateDetective is basically a small, effective, easy to use and a duplicate file removing utility which provides the option to locate duplicate files from specified folder according to file name, size and also the content, which makes it a really helpful and smart utility. As soon as it detects the duplicate files, you may observe that all such duplicate files are then displayed in convenient sub-menus and that along with the option to either move it to a directory or to simply delete that selected files.



If you want to try out this smart utility, then you may simply download it from the below given link and after installing it in your computers you may use the utility in order to look out for all the duplicate files. For this, you just need to simply drag and drop folders to the box on top or you may also use the Browse button to locate the file or folder. Once completed with the selection, you need to select criteria for locating duplicate files that may be either on the basis of same name, same size or simply by same content and then finally you need to click on the Find the duplicate files button which is available on the interface.

As soon as you start using it, you may observe that WeeDuplicateDetective will start looking for duplicate files from the selected folders according to your specified criteria and filters. After this it will display all the details regarding the number of duplicate files found and also the amount of disk space which can be emptied and can be utilized in the future. After identifying all such duplicate files, you just need to select all those specific files which you want to delete, followed by a criteria from the right hand side options and then you just need to click Delete selected duplicates. Once clicked on the button, this will pop-up a prompt which will ask you to either permanently delete the files, send the files to the Recycle Bin or to simply move them to a selected folder so that in future you may use them or delete them after confirming. But before deleting, make sure that you do not delete the original file.

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