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by Rohit Khurana on October 20, 2010


The microsoft office provides us wonderful range of options. We can handle the data as per the requirement. But what if we need to search data or a string of data among several files and folders. It is not easy to look through each and every document. Apart from that some of the formats (apart from MS Office) does not provide the feature to search within the document. In that context, I would like to review the tool FileSeek. FileSeek as the name suggests will help you to go through the various files and get the desired data.

FileSeek is a small freeware of 693 KB only. The software will help you to find the specific word or a string of word either from the particular location or from your whole system. The search can be carried in a very simple manner. You can refine the search with the help of numerous options available.


The snapshot above will help you to understand how the tool is to be used. There are three sections available: Search, Options and at the bottom, there will be complete description.

  • Search: You have to enter the location in the Path(s) within which you want to search the data. The Include Files column help you to mention some specific file format which you want to search. The Exclude Files help you to mention all other files except that particular format of files. Now the data (word or string) has to entered in the query. The Search mode can be the complete string, regular expression, search all words (but can be present different places of the same document) and search any one word from the string.
  • Options: Here you can mention whether you want to search the sub folders also. The data must be case sensitive or not. You can add filters according to the date of modification. You can select the option if the search must be for the data only or for the file and folder name also.
  • Description: Current shows the time taken for the last search. Below that there will be the details of the search results in every file. Then, we have the notes or the line from the document which contains the string you want to search for. And the string will be highlighted for your easiness.

A sample of the search has been shown below.


The tool menu opens another dialog box shown below. It includes various other specifications so that you can use the utility as per your convenience and requirement.


This freeware will surely help you search the text easily for the next time. The tool has been tested on Windows 7, so it will be compatible with other versions also.

Download FileSeek

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