Securely Send Large Size Files Via Email

by Rohit Khurana on December 20, 2010


We often face problem in sending the large files on email. We often get a prompted message that the size of file is to large and unable to attach. And we are not able to send the large size file.

But the problem can be solved with the help of Zeta Uploader.Zeta Uploader is a free online service that enables user to send large files via email, even if the file exceeds the size limitations. It’s a user-friendly application and easy to use. The program lets us to select the file to be sent, and then uploads them as compressed package to the Zeta server and sends an email with the download link

The free Windows client allows us to automatically send multiple files or folders ZIP-compressed with the Zeta Uploader service.


Here we can upload the files/folders independent of size and file format. Just click on the upload cursor and select the file from the computer that you want to send to the recipient. After that add the email address and the message.

The utility will compress the file automatically and then it upload on the server. It is quite simple to use and few steps are required in order to send the email. Just create a login on the zeta up loader in order to maintain the integrity concern. We can also see the info regarding the utility.



But the question arises why should we use as we can compress the file manually then why? The answer is it automatically compress the files and uploads it automatically and for the new user it is quite easy for him to send the files in order to minimize the complexity and one important thing is that it is capable of sending the .exe file which the email attachment can’t do.

Its setting can be easily manipulated according to our requirement through providing the server name and domain name. The utility is of small size and can be easily installed on the computer and it’s an application with a easy interface which helps the new user on the Internet to send the large size file easily.

It’s a windows application that provides the features to password protect the download and/or to set an expiration date.

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Vikas Anand February 15, 2013 at 9:31 am

It depends what you want to share. e.g. this service can’t be used if you want to share a huge office file with confidentiality class other than public.

Even if you want to share something with people within your domain then again its not recommended b’coz here we are accessing an external server which may lead to virus outbreak.

Therefore for organizational security service like this should only be used for sharing public or non corporate materials outside your own domain.

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