Beware Of Cyber Threats In A Cyber Cafe

by Rohit Khurana on July 24, 2010


This post may be quite useful for the users, who frequently visit Cyber Café to access internet. People accessing internet at Cyber Café can be categorized into two groups. The first group can be said to have those users which do not have Computer with Internet at their home and so they visit Cyber Cafe 3 to 4 times a week. The other group can be said to have the users who seldom visit that place, when they have some problem with Internet connection at their home or when something goes wrong with their computer.

Before going further, I would personally advise to the group of users, they should try to buy a computer if possible. It is advisable to use personal computer to access their social networking website accounts or their e-mail accounts.  The reason why I advise the same is that many accounts gets hacked at cyber cafes because of security flaws etc. But still,  I will try my best to help you out by telling you certain points which you should remember. The points which I will be mentioning has to be taken care by second group of users as it be very beneficial for them.

There are certain threats from which a user should be protected and these threats are mentioned as follows:-


This is one of the threats through which you can loose your password. Phishing means to generate a similar page which is analogous to a webpage on which you enter your password. If you want to be away from this threat then you should go for the following measures:-

  • Check the host file of that system, the path of the host file is C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc here you will find a file named as host. Open that file using notepad. The host file will look like the way as shown in the snapshot below.



This host file will be analogous to the one present in Windows 7, but in case of Windows XP you will not find the last line i.e. ::1  localhost in the host file. Now, if you find any change in the host file of the system on which you are working at your Cyber café, then change you system. The difference between the host file content can be as small as a word, So please compare it carefully.

The extra content written in the modified hostfile will lead you to a webpage which can be a duplicate copy of any website like Gmail, yahoo, msn or any one. So, without giving it a second view change your system.

  • Now, even if you fail to find out any difference in that host or if you do not have much time to spend on checking it. Then you can go for a rough check like whenever you enter the name of a site, then you should check whether the URL has changed or not. Example:- If you are trying to access Gmail, then note that they use secured HTTP protocol instead of HTP protocol or in other words their URL is, which will be changed to any other URL once you open that phished page.


Now this is one of the reasons due to which I suggested the first group of users to go for buying their own system and an internet connection. The other group may also face this problem when they go for Cyber Cafes.

  • Now, we all now that those system are really not reliable when it comes to viruses, we don’t that how many trojans, backdoor, spywares etc. it will be good if you carry a run-time portable anti-virus like Dr. Web CureIT in your USB and instead of going for full scan you can opt for smart scan, which will save your time and will remove the threats to maximum extent.
  • Do not go for clicking any .exe file on your system, that can be anything even if the icon of that file is Gtalk and the name written below is also Gtalk. Always download a genuine version form internet and then use. As sometimes it happens that you may click a .exe file which may be a virus or it may change your host file. So better don’t go for it.

These are some of the measure which you should keep in mind when you are accessing your personal information from Cyber Café.

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