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by Rohit Khurana on October 17, 2010


We generally prefer to operate with our system as fast as possible. In the mean while, if simple monitoring of the system makes the tasks hectic. I would like say leave it or some other time. But to run away doesn’t work every time. So, to make the work simpler and easier, I have a wonderful software named as SuperbarMonitor. The tool not only makes the process handy but also presents some additional features for your help.

SuperbarMonitor is a small freeware of 1 MB. It is a portable tool with five applications available in the zipped file. Just click on the files and it will start monitoring.


The five apllications available are:

  1. Battery Informations.
  2. CPU Monitors.
  3. Disk Status.
  4. Memory Status.
  5. Volume Control.

These applications might seem to be small. But their ready to use feature makes the utility highly beneficial. As shown in the snapshot, the processing will be continuously displayed on the taskbar itself. And if you open the window, it will give the complete details. Let us see with the usage of Battery Informations with the help of the snapshot below.



Generally, we get to know about the power and time remaining only. But the SuperbarMonitor.Battery is more helpful than that. Here, along with the battery life and time remaining, it also displays the discharge rate. Discharge rate will help us to know the battery consumed by various utilities. So, if we are not able to charge our laptops, we can evaluate which application must be turned off to have a maximum and efficient use of the available battery. Also, it shows the current charge and maximum charge. Along with this, the options tab helps us to make several changes. The snapshot below shows the various options.


You can define the low and critical battery levels. Battery actions can be selected. You can also start the utility automatically when the Windows starts. All the five utilities are shown in the snapshot below simultaneously. Since Windows 7 does not have the preview option for taskbar, you can keep them open on the desktop behind all the currently used files and folders.


The disk status will show the current usage of the disk you have selected. The CPU Monitor will check the load on the CPU. It will be updated after every 1 sec. Though you can change the update interval. Similarly the Memory Status will examine the memory load. The volume control will help you to change the volume level.

The colours on the taskbar change as the values of various utilities cross the critical levels. It will help you to notify fast about the things. After reading the numerous benefits, you will be surely interested to use the tool.

The software has been tested on Windows 7, so it will be compatible with the other versions also.

Download SuperbarMonitor

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