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by Rohit Khurana on March 24, 2011


Mozilla Firefox is one of the widely used browser because of the additional applications and the ease of usage. We have presented you various Firefox addons or applications in the past which are very useful and helpful. Some of these were: Instant Firefox, FoxTab and many more useful tools. These all tools depends upon the requirements of the user. But when we talk downloading, everyone does that. So, it will be preferable to use the downloading tools which makes it easy to use and provides the additional features for the use. So, I would like to review the tool named as Firefox Downloads View.

Firefox Download View is a small freeware 171 KB only. It is a portable utility. As the name suggests, it will display all the past downloaded files. The interface has been shown in the snapshot below.


Many of the users might be thinking that why the y have to use a separate tool to view the downloads. Mozilla Firefox itself provide the facility to display the downloads whenever a new file is downloaded. But as I have said it will available with few embedded features which makes the tool to be useful. As shown in the snapshot, it will display the downloaded filename, the URL link from where the downloading has been done, the full path file name where the file has been saved and other useful details.


The other features provided with the tool are: you can search a file among your downloads. It can be searched based on whole word or case. The direction can be Up or Down. Other than that you can view all the properties of the file as shown in the snapshot below. Simply, right click on it and select Properties or the hotkey is Alt + Enter. Here you can see MIME Type, Downloaded length, time and speed also.


You can choose the columns to be displayed in the interface. Other then that you can seeĀ  the HTML report in your default browser. The report can be of all items or selected ones only. These are the various options provided by the freeware. The few other functions might be useful to some users. The tool will be very beneficial if you want to keep a track on the things which were downloaded.

The freeware has been tested Windows 7 and it is also compatible with 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 2003 and 2008. The utility is designed for Firefox 3 .x and Firefox 4 (beta).

Download FirefoxDownloadsView

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