See File Location Of Running Process Files In Windows

by Rohit Khurana on April 21, 2010


Consider a scenario when you know that some EXE file is running on your Windows computer eating up the CPU. You open the task manager to see what is wrong and locate that exe. You are not sure whether you installed that particular file or application. Now the question is how do you verify whether you have installed it or its some virus or malware running on your PC ?


In this article I will tell you a way to see the file locations of any running Windows EXE and locate it on disk. This will help you to see whether you have placed it there, you installed it or not. If it is a malware, you can remove the file if you know its path.

You can see the file path using Windows Task Manager or Process Explorer for Windows. Below is the screenshot of typical Windows task manager screen. Here you can see the Image Name, Username, CPU Usage, Memory Usage and Description of the running processes when you click on the Process tab on the Windows task Manager.

Show File Path Of Running Process Executables On Task Manager


In case of Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you just need to right click on the task you want to see the file location for and click “Open File Location


This will open the file in explorer window and you can see the detailed properties, date modified etc at this file path to see whether or not you installed this or not. You can also see the file details, version information to verify whether the exe is legitimate or a malware or virus.


Alternatively, you can click on the View > Select Columns option on the task manager to add a column to the task manager that will always show the file path of the running exe in the task manager.


On the Select Process Page Columns window, enable the “Command Line” option and and press OK, this will enable the display of file paths under the column “Command Line” on the task manager Window.



You can see the file paths of each and every file which is running in task manager as seen in the snapshots.



See Command Line Path Of Running Processes Using Process Explore


You can also use the same options using the Process Explorer, which is an excellent Task Manager Replacement tool. Click View > Select Columns.


Check the “Command Line” Option, and click OK.


Below you can see the file paths of all the running processes on the Process Explorer Window.


Download Process Explorer

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nonon April 21, 2010 at 6:44 pm

Is this possible in windows Xp? if so please let me know..

Rohit April 23, 2010 at 8:21 pm

The process Explorer works in Windows XP

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