Set Internet Usage Limit Warnings On Softwares In Windows

by Rohit Khurana on August 12, 2011


If you love to use Internet all the times at your home, then I suppose that you must be having a traffic check on your internet connection. As sometimes, it happens that when you are not getting required speed to browse then you suspect, that there might be an application on your computer which is accessing internet from your computer and it needs to be shut down as you have something important to do on your computer. Now tracking that application manually may take some time if you have lots of them on your computer.


We will be reviewing a tool named as Process Traffic and you can see its screenshot right above here. Here you can see that it displaying the amount of data which is being sent and received, so from here you can get an idea that whether an application is consuming all that speed or your service provider is providing you less bandwidth. It has a level called threshold level and when your system exceeds that level of data exchange then that tool will warn you about that.



After installing this tool, whenever you will minimize it, it will be among the taskbar tray icons. So, every time the applications cross the threshold level, it will pop-up a message from that icon. On the other tab you can see all the processes responsible for any type of data exchange whether it is your browser or it is your P2P client or it is an anti-virus, the tool will show you all the information regarding it and then you can select any process which is consuming the internet speed and then with the help of ‘End process’ button you can stop end them.

On the right side of End Process button you can see another small button, which can be used to change the columns which are representing that data in the window, This way you can get any type of information which you want. The size of this tool is around 1.8 MB and you will also have to download WinCap for this tool to function, the download link for both of them has been mentioned below. We have used this tool on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate. So, if you face any problem while using this tool then please let us know.

Download Process Traffic

Download WinCap

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