Transfer Files and Folders On LAN Among Computers Running Any Operating Systems

by Rohit Khurana on November 26, 2011


You might have experienced the scenarios where you need to transfer files from one computer to the other in the same network. Especially in offices where all the systems are connected to same LAN, we often needs to transfer files among them. It is not a tedious task if the two systems between which transfer has to take place are running the same operating system. But, what if the two systems in the same network, on which we need a file transfer are running different operating systems? Although, it is possible but it is not that easy. It requires clarity and knowledge on some of the concepts of networking. One has to configure numerous sharing options to ensure continuous file sharing between systems running different operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac or any other OS).

Today, we are going to discuss a small utility which can serve this purpose for you by making it look as a simple and easy task. Transfer on LAN is basically a small, easy to handle, useful and a freely available cross-platform utility that allows its users to transfer the files from one system to another without having to configure any type of file sharing option. Thus it is very much suitable for heterogeneous network environment having systems with different operating systems. This utility allows you to the specify custom computer identification name for sharing files with others and rest is handled by the utility itself. Along with the above mentioned feature, it also allows the user to hide system name from its list, so that other connected clients can’t identify that particular system.



This utility can be easily downloaded and installed in all the computers among which you need a file transfer, from the link given below. After installing it, you may run the utility to enable seamless sharing between PC’s, that require sharing files. You may observe a Preferences tab on the interface which is present to specify the User name, Destination, Avatar image and Sound for the systems. It allows you to change the Language, Appearance, Username, and Destination Folder for the systems in the network. As already mentioned that if at any time you want to hide the system name from others, you need to simply uncheck the Appear option in the List of users option which is present on the interface of the utility. After making all the required settings, you simply need to click Apply and move to Users tab.


Now in order to start transferring files between the two systems, just right-click the receiving PC’s name and click Send. You may observe that the recipient will get a pop-up message, asking to accept the transfer. Once the receiver clicks Yes automatically transferring of the folders/files will begin. You may see that the transfer of the files will start immediately and you can view the progress under Sending tab. Once the transfer is completed, it allows you to access the files from defined folder. Overall we can say that Transfer on LAN is a nice little utility and it is an open source tool that requires JRE (Java Runtime Environment) to work. So just download it from the below link if you want to transfer any of your files between two systems having different OS and are on the same network.

Download Transfer on LAN

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arun December 4, 2011 at 7:11 am

i dowloaded this but how u installed,,u said u shld have runtime env,,.,i have it installed latest 7,0,0/

i assigned open with of that ,jar file to javaw.exe and then when i double click it starts but i cant see a process runing,,i also checked in task manager,,
so how do i install this.,.

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