Automatically Add Watermark And Re-Size Pictures In Windows Live Writer

by Rohit Khurana on February 8, 2012


Windows Live Writer is a very popular free desktop blogging client for Windows. It is very popular with bloggers worldwide who use it to publish Blog posts in a convenient and easy way. In this small tutorial, I am going to share a wonderful features of Windows Live Writer in terms of Image or Picture re-sizing and adding watermark to the pictures embedded in a blog post using Windows Live Writer. Some of you might be already aware of it, if so, I would request you to pass on the link to this tutorial to your fellow bloggers so that they can also benefit from this simple and effective tip.


Guide To Make Windows Live Writer Add Watermark And Re-Size Pictures Automatically

In order to make Windows Live writer to make image settings automatically, we need to make settings for one image and set these settings to default for the blog. To do so, simply follows these simple steps:

Step 1: Insert an Image (preferably a large image like 1024×768 or higher) into Windows Live Writer. To do the same, you can select Insert > Picture From Computer or use shortcut CTRL+J key.


Step 2: Click on the picture and go to Format Menu on the top. Using the image size option on the top left corner, second option from left, set the size of the image you would like to be a default size.



Step 3 : Now Click on the Watermark option and type in the text to watermark on the picture and enter its position. The text will appear accordingly on the picture. Click OK to complete this step.

set watermakr in wlw

Step 4 : In the Picture Tools > Format menu, there is an option called “Set To Default”, click on this option and all the settings that you have done on this picture will be saved as default setting for this blog. This is it, the tutorial is complete.


Next time whenever you add a picture to the Windows Live writer for this blog account, it will automatically add the watermark and re-size the picture accordingly. One more good thing about this feature is that you can set different settings for different blog accounts on the same live writer.


This will make Image or picture insertion using Windows Live Writer really easy and convenient. Hope you like this tutorial, please share it with your friends if you find it helpful.

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