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by Rohit Khurana on September 11, 2010


We spend almost all our day on our laptops daily. We ourselves are not aware of the time spent on various projects or windows. It is required to manage the time schedule. There must be a balance between the time spent on work and entertainment. And it is quite impossible if you have to handle it manually. In that case, True Time Tracker is one of the very good option. It will give you all the details of the programs you have been using.

True Time Tracker is a freeware of 11MB. It is an efficient tool to manage your time in front of your laptop. With the use of this tool, you can keep an automatic track on the time required for every task.


It is easy to use it or rather I may say that you need not to do anything once you click on start. It will start analyzing the applications you are using, the websites being surfed, the internet traffic and the total, active and inactive time calculation. You can track the records with the option Create Report in the Tool menu or simply using the Statistics button.It will generate the report in four different formats:

  • Overall Statistics
  • Program Report
  • Website Report
  • Traffic Report

The snapshots below gives the few examples about the report in the graphical form like pie charts and bar graphs.




You can print the report if required. The report can also be saved or exported in the pdf format for the future use. The Statistics button gives some additional options. The report can be based on the period as: today, yesterday, last week or last month. You can select various details you want in the report. It has been displayed in the snapshot below.


You can change the program settings with the Settings button. It will help to define the access mode of the utility. The program access can be locked with the password like when required for the commercial purposes. You can select the categories of the group applications. You can select to minimize the window to the system tray. You can select the hotkeys as is comfortable to you to switch between the hidden and visible mode. The adapter and language settings can be changed.

The tool will prove to be useful in the commercial purposes. It can help you to examine the time spent by employees on various programs and the internet usage. You can set the cost of the projects according to the time consumption on it. Personally, you can manage your time schedule. Also, it can help you to keep a check if someone else may not use your system.

So, the tool proves to be very helpful for your hectic time schedule in front of your computers. The tool can be used for Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7.

Download True Time Tracker

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