Install or Update Many Softwares And Application On Windows PC At Once

by Rohit Khurana on April 6, 2012


Whenever you purchase a new Windows PC or re-format and re-install Windows on a old Windows PC, one of the most time consuming task is to install a huge set of softwares and applications which are commonly used for example extra browsers, media players, file editing softwares, etc. It usually takes a lot of effort to download each installer software, then run the setup, and then follow the instruction of the installation to complete the process. Also if you want to update the existing installed softwares at once, the process of doing it manually may take considerable time and attention.

In this article, I am going to share a small freeware tool which will help you install or update most commonly used softwares installed on a Windows PC that too automatically using silent install, which means no more screens to read and press buttons on each and every installer. The freeware is called Soft2Base and works like a breeze without any glitches.

soft2base home screen

To use this tool, you need to download and install it on your Windows PC from the official website here. After you install Soft2Base, simply run it and it will greet you with a home screen something like you see in the picture above. You can filter our the application and softwares using the options on the left hand side of the Window by clicking on category or some conditions mentioned in check boxes for further filtering. For example below screenshot shows the programs not installed on my Windows PC.

programs not installed

To install new softwares or get updates for already installed softwares, you can simply check the boxes in front of the name of softwares and process. In this tutorial,  I will share a demo of updating some already installed programs on my PC.

To update already installed programs, click on filter “Installed to be updated” and it will list all such programs with updates available.

programd with updates available

Check the boxes in front of programs you want to install or update and click Next button at the bottom right side of the screen.


select programs to update

Soft2Base will show you some of the additional information and options on the next scree, simply click Install to process with silent install.

install selected programs

First of all it will download the updates software and will show you all the download status on the same page.

download progress

As and when a download is completes, its setup will start without providing you with any wizards or screens to install the software or software update.

installation progress

After all the softwares are installed, a success message is displayed as “Installation OK” in the description of the software.

instlled or updates programs

To check you can open the installed softwares and check their versions in Help > About and confirm the software version of the updates softwares.

Notepad updates

Hope you find this tool useful for installing softwares on new computers or updating softwares on existing Windows PC. Check out some related tools at links below:

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