Send Folder, File Download Link With Other People On Skydrive

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on May 1, 2012


Skydrive app for windows has been recently launched, with which you can now access files stored on skydrive server. You can now download all the files stored on skydrive to your computer using the skydrive app but you cant share the link to download files in folder or the file itself from windows.

Please Note that for sharing files or folder with a link or sharing the link to folder or file on skydrive via email can be done only from the online web interface. In order to do this you will need to go to

Sharing Link To Download Files, Folder On Skydrive

1. Go to

2. Once you are signed in with your live id credentials

3. Now select the folder, you want to share the link to download the same, you will see the options in the right sidebar as shown in the image below.

Skydrive Folder Link


4. Click Share – you will see a prompt showing you ways to share a folder or file. You can now see the link in the section Get a link – you have two options to sharing a link to that folder – one link allows people to edit the file or folder on your skydrive which also means that they can delete the file or folder also and other is a view link which only gives them the right to download or view the folder or file you have on your skydrive account.

Link To Download Skydrive File or Folder 

Third option allows you to make the file or folder public so that one can see and view the contents of folder or file which will again generate a link as well.

Public Folder Skydrive

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Ron Cavin May 1, 2012 at 10:09 pm

I wish you would have made it clear at the very beginning, that one has to be signed in (i.e. a member) in order to ask a question. Your email has a very large text box saying “Ask a Computer Problem”. I clicked on that and spent quite a long while entering my question in the form provided, only to discover that I couldn’t post it. During the sign up process, my question was of course lost!
I might consider asking again and posting my question to your site, but right now I’m thoroughly pissed off at having wasted my time, when a simple, small notice about not being able to post without first signing up would have saved me a lot of time! Call me frustrated and disgusted!

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