[Solved] Cannot Access Folder, Files Shared On Windows 7 PC Connected On The Same Network

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on January 16, 2012


Just in case if you want to access folder on two PC which are connected to the same network it should be easy to do it in windows, but most the people have problem in accessing the shared folders as you can see in the image below.

windows 7 cannot access folder

But through homegroup feature in windows 7, file sharing on the network and accessing the shared folder become more easy for windows users, as you see in the image below. It easily allows you to include certain computers in the same network and bring them together under one hut.

homegroup in windows 7

You can read more about homegroup feature and its working on the official microsoft website for windows 7 here. Now for those who are still facing issues while accessing a shared folder on computer connected to the same network even after configuring homegroup should read on further, we will tell you the most simple way in which you can access the shared files and folders across two computer connected to same wireless network, LAN Network etc.

Access Shared Files, Folders On Computers Connected To Same Network [ Wireless or LAN ]

Once you have make sure that both the computers are on the same network, do the following steps on both the computers, laptops or PC’s.

1. Open Network & Sharing Center found in control panel, just search from windows 7 search bar you will find it.


network and sharing center

2. Under network and sharing center, choose homegroup and sharing options as shown in the image below.

homegroup and sharing settings

3. Click change advanced sharing settings as shown in the image below.

change advanced sharing settings

4. Scroll down and turn off the password protected sharing as in that option turned on only people who have user account on your computer access or view shared files and folder.

turn off password protected sharing in windows 7

This way you can get rid of the error which says cannot access folder, and any one can access the shared folder if their PC are on the same network and irrespective of they have a account on your computer. I hope this fix the problem for most of the users.

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