[Solved] Cannot Apply Aero or Non Aero Theme In Windows 7

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on May 15, 2012


Almost all the editions of windows 7 are suffered with a strange problem which occurred with many people our there, there are times when you need to change themes in windows, but you are not able to change themes in windows 7 because of unsaved theme in windows, in such cases you follow our guide on change windows 7 themes to solve this issue.

Some thing similar but a different problem faced by many users using windows 7 is when they are no longer revert to a non aero theme windows 7, once they have applied a Aero theme in windows 7 this issue occurs on both ways when they want to switch in between aero to non aero windows 7 theme or vice versa.

So, as when you change the aero to non aero theme or vice versa windows disables the aero automatically and allows you go to basic and classic theme in windows 7 which makes it more faster as they are less resource heavy in terms of graphics, and when it happens windows 7 will immediately shows you the dimmed color faded screen showing the Please Wait message. If you don’t see that message and even when you try to change to a non aero theme the current theme changes to some other aero enabled theme.

Some possible solutions are listed below.

Disable Aero and Then Change Windows 7 Theme

Some of the users tried to disable aero in the current theme Under Color Settings Under Personalize and then tried changing the theme and it helped in some cases, disabling aero is shown in the image below. To disable aero – Enable Transparency should be unchecked.

Disable Transparency In Windows 7

Change To High Contrast Theme In Windows

Some users shared the solution which worked for some, that they could finally be able to change the theme to windows classic or basic when they selected a non aero High contrast themes in windows. 

But as some of users tried to change the theme after disabling transparency or aero they did not succeed and neither switching to high contrast theme worked. After some searching around we got the final working solution to this problem. Follow the steps below to try the same when you cant switch across themes in windows 7.

1. Open control panel in windows 7

2. Now go to System and Security section or alternative search system in windows search as shown in the image below


system settings windows 7

3. Now go to Advanced System Settings shown in the left pane as shown in the image below.

advanced windows 7 settings

Under advanced settings, click the advanced tab and click the settings button under Performance section dedicated to visual effects, processor scheduling, memory usage and virtual memory.

Windows 7 Visual Settings

Scroll down the list, at the bottom un-check that the item which says “Use Visual Styles on Windows and Buttons” so that you can switch to non aero themes in windows 7.

Disable Visual Styles In Windows 7

Please Note: Same way, If this is not checked, your Windows 7 theme will be stuck on “classic” for a long time, so even if you enable any aero theme windows 7 theme will not get changed to the aero theme you selected. That’s it this is how you can solve this problem in windows 7

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