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by Rohit Khurana on April 20, 2010


My computer is the center or the start where most the windows users start navigating through Windows explorer, with time you may see some third party icons added in my computer, some network drives or shared folder accessing icons being added to my computer.

My Computer

Most of these extra icons are not used normally by users, these icons end up taking space in my computer for no reasons. So, if you don’t use these icons you should better remove these icons and this can be done via registry editing.


Follow the step by step procedure to delete useless icons in my computer in windows

1. Open Start Menu >> Run and Type regedit and press Enter or ok button

2. Navigate to the following registry path




This key will contain all these namespace values key for all those third party icons showing in my computer. If there are some third party or extra icons on my computer you will see entries in as random alpha numeric digits.


In order to remove icons, delete the keys pointing to extra icons – you can find this by clicking each key under Namespace one by one and then check the data value. This way you will be able to identify the entries of these extra – delete these keys to remove the icons in My computer.


Disclaimer – Please make sure that you backup your registry before making these changes, wrongly modifying the registry can lead you to some problems.


[ Thanks To Ghacks For This Information ]

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