[Solved] Fix "An Unknown Issue Occurred and Google Drive Needs To Quit" Error While Using Google Drive On Windows

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on May 2, 2012


We have recently started using google drive on windows, using the google drive app for windows, we recently faced the following error when suddenly google drive quits and throw the error saying google drive needs to quit saying unknown issue has occurred as shown in the image below.

google drive error

You may face this error either on windows or mac os as well, today we will tell you what you should do when you face this error while using google drive.

If you get this message repeatedly you may also see the message "If you see this error repeatedly, try disconnecting your account."

  1. Disconnect your account.
  2. Start Google Drive again by opening it from your Applications folder.
  3. Re-sync your files and Google Docs.

Procedure to Disconnect Google Drive On Windows

1. Right click on the google drive icon in the system tray menu on taskbar.

2. Select Preferences as shown in the image below.


Preferences Google Drive 

3. Click Disconnect Account button to disconnect the connection to google drive online as shown in the image below.

 disconnect google drive account

Please Note: After you disconnect, your files will remain on your computer, but any changes made to your Google Drive folder won’t be synced to Google Drive on the web.

4. Once disconnected, Click Yes. Your account will be disconnected from Google Drive for your Mac/PC, but the application will remain installed.

5. To sign again, go to the Google Drive menu, and select Sign in to sync the drive again and all the contents. 

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Sanjay Apte May 3, 2012 at 9:34 am

Dear Sir,
Thank you for solve problem ,
This is really useful for us

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