[Solved] Install Windows 7 From USB Pen Drive With ISO Image Without CD / DVD Drive

by Rohit Khurana on September 25, 2009



This is one trouble I had faced when I downloaded windows 7 RTM and wanted to install on desktop which is quite old in configuration with Pentium 4, 1 GB RAM and x86 old Mother Board but still It supports windows 7 to run with this old configuration.


Now after downloading I had the Windows 7 ISO image on my hard drive, but my old Sony DVD writer was not in working condition so neither I can write DVD from the windows 7 image nor I can write the DVD on my vista Laptop and then wont be able to use it on my desktop PC.


My desktop PC had Windows XP already installed on it, and I have recently purchased a 8 GB pen drive. So I decided to install windows 7 from my Kingston 8 GB USB Data Drive. Lets discuss the procedure to install windows 7 from USB Drive in detail.


Note: This procedure is meant for those users who want to install windows 7 in dual boot with windows XP or those who had no operation system installed on their PC and they want to install windows 7 without DVD drives 


Note: Make Sure You Back Up All The Contents In Your USB Drive       

1. Firstly Connect your USB Drive with your computer and right click its icon in My computer and select Format under the right click context menu.


2. Now you need to convert the file system on your pen drive to NTFS, Open command prompt, through Start Menu >> Run and type cmd and press Enter key at the keyboard and then type the following command

convert R: /fs:ntfs 

Note: [ where R stands for removable drive letter assigned and shown in my computer ]



3. Now you will need to mount Windows 7 ISO Image on some virtual DVD Drive on your computer, you can refer our tutorials on how to mount cd / dvd on double click and try free universal cd dvd virtual emulator or install free daemon tools to mount the ISO image


4. Note down the drive letter of the virtual image drive where the windows 7 ISO is mounted, now download the MBRWiz Tool from here and extract the executable in C:\WINDOWS\System32 folder.

Note: Above tool you will make your USB Drive bootable and will update the NTFS filesystem bootcode


5. Now at the command prompt type the following command in opened command prompt window

type the following commands

mbrwiz /list – note the disk number here of your USB Drive

mbrwiz /disk=Y /active=Y  [ Where Y is the disk number here of your USB Drive ]


6. Now type in the following commands in the same command window

Type the drive letter which you noted in step 4 of the virtual image drive where windows 7 image is mounted.

type M:       [ Lets assume M is the drive letter of the virtual image drive of windows 7 ]

type Cd boot and press enter key

type bootsect /nt60 R: [ Where R is the drive letter of the USB Drive ]

now you will get the successful message saying Bootcode was successfully updated on all targeted volumes

7. Now copy all the files from the windows 7 drive where you have mounted to your USB Drive

Note: Make sure that your Mother board supports booting from USB Drive in the BIOS while booting. 

8. That’s boot with USB Drive and install windows 7 on your computer without any CD / DVD drive

[ Thanks To BlogsDNA For This Easy To Use Tutorial ]

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