[Solved] Logitech Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, Mouse Does Not Connect To PC Via Unifying Receiver

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on January 28, 2012


Its been a month since I bought the logitech bluetooth wireless keyboard + mouse mk260, this keyboard + mouse combination from logitech is really useful in scenarios where you need to connect a laptop to a TV display or projector to do things easily and control the presentation and other logistics better way.

Both the logitech keyboard and mouse connects to the computer very easily with the help of single logitech unifying receiver which catches the signal from both the devices, not suddenly the other day when I decided to use my netbook connected to my TV, the mouse was working as usual but the logitech keyboard was not connected, the first thought I had that if the small AAA batteries went dead so I replaced the battery with new ones but still the keyboard did not work.

logitech wirelss keyboard combos

After some searching around, I got to know some steps one can take when the logitech wireless keyboard [any model] does not work or cant connect to receiver which is already connected or plugged into your computer.

If your logitech keyboard or mouse fails to connect:

  1. Verify the keyboard or mouse is powered on.
  2. Verify the battery power level and replace the batteries if needed.
  3. Try using a different USB port for the receiver.
  4. Do not use a USB hub or KVM switch and always plug the receiver directly into your computer.
  5. Try moving the keyboard or mouse closer to the receiver.

If all the steps mentioned above does not work in your case, then you should try the Logitech Connection Utility program is for use on Windows systems and is not available for Mac. It can be used to reconnect supported keyboards or mice with a replacement receiver or when the connection is lost. You can download the logitech connection utility from this link


How To Connect Lost Keyboard Connection With Logitech Connection Utility

1. First make sure that the unifying receiver is plugged in to the USB port on your computer

2. Next run the logitech connection utility and switch on the keyboard and mouse, if they don’t have the switch on button remove the batteries and insert the batteries  and wait for devices to pair as you can see in the image below.

logitech reconnection utility

3. One they are paired you will see the next button active and confirm whether your keyboard and mouse are connected by using them, this way all the logitech keyboard mouse gets connected as shown in the image below.

reconnection software

For most of the people above solutions works, if still after following all the steps above it does not solve your problem, please leave a comment with some description what happened in your case.

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himanshu January 28, 2012 at 6:51 pm

abhishek I have a logitech wireless mouse M215. It worked fine for the 1st month after that I faced the above problem. Please check the link above to the utility tool its not working but i have tried it and its still the same.
Every time i switch on the desktop either i have to restart the PC or replug the USB receiver.

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