[Solved] Metro Apps In Windows 8 Does Not Run or Open On Low Screen Resolution

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on March 17, 2012


Windows 8 no doubt seems to be by far the best stable and creative windows OS version we have seen till now, we have been using windows 8 as our primary OS for doing everything on PC it seems and feels much faster, easier to use and with the new smart metro UI and apps lot more things are much simple because of the sleek interface of the windows 8 start screen metro UI apps.

 Metro Apps In Windows 8 Does Not Run or Open

We have already written several windows 8 tips, you can read our Windows 8 Tutorials and Tips. Today we are going to share another tip on how to run metro apps when they does not launch in windows 8, as it appears that some of the readers and users have managed to install windows 8 on small netbooks on which metro apps are not starting or in some case metro apps stopped running visually when a user try to launch them. Below are the possible reasons on why metro app might fail to start on windows 8


Metro Apps May Have Video Driver Problem

Metro apps requires a windows 8 PC to be updated with the latest version of video display driver in any case if the apps does not meet the graphic requirement them metro apps may crash or does not run in windows 8. Another reason could be the following.

Metro Apps Require Minimum Resolution Of 1024×768 pixels

Some of our readers installed windows 8 on PC or netbook running smaller screen resolution than 1024×768 pixels, so in such cases everything on windows 8 will work fine but the metro apps may not run or launch as shown in the image below. Although if you update the graphic or video driver it may solve the problem for you as your machine may support higher screen resolutions and then eventually you could run metro apps. 

Force Metro Apps To Run On Lower Screen Resolution

In case you are not able to upgrade graphics drivers on your windows 8 machine, you could also force some of the metro apps to run on low screen resolution as well – for that we suggest you to follow this guide on how to force metro apps in windows 8 to run on lower resolution than 1024×768 pixels.

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