[Solved] Not Able To Set Native Resolution On Samsung Monitor | Samsung Optimum Resolution Option Missing

by Rohit Khurana on November 22, 2009



After I installed Samsung LCD Monitor on my Desktop and installed graphics driver, the monitor got set to its optimum resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. After that I installed the Samsung utilities and Graphics driver that comes with the Monitor in the CD.


After that I changed the resolution of the Monitor to something other than optimum value to see how it looked. But soon after that, when I tried to set it back to its optimal value, I was surprised to see that the optimal resolution of 1920×1080 was missing from the options.



Every LCD screen has a native or optimum resolution at which the picture quality is the best for that LCD display. If you set any other resolution, the picture quality gets compromised and pixels don’t appear that nice especially when reading small fonts of text. See this tips before selecting an LCD display – Essentials to know before buying LCD


In this article I will tell you why this problem occurs and how to fix it.


After some efforts of finding all possible ways to setting resolution in Windows, I realized that there were two drivers controlling the resolution settings in my windows.


1. Plug and Play Monitor

2. SyncMaster Monitor Driver for Samsung (that came in CD with monitor)


Both these drivers seem to control the same Monitor’s Display settings. I realized that these drivers might be conflicting and causing this missing options from the options to set the resolution.



To fix this issue follow the below steps:

1. Right Click on My Computer / Computer icon and click Manage

2. On this Management Windows click Device Manager

3. On Device Manager, expand the category called Monitors


4. On Expanding, you can see two entries, one is “Plug and Play Monitor” and SyncMaster Monitor Driver for your monitor. Right Click on the SyncMaster driver and select Uninstall.

5. This is all, just close the device manager window, again check the available settings for Display Resolutions, you will see that the optimum display resolution options is now visible.


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Lena July 3, 2010 at 8:22 am

I tried this and the options never showed up. And now I don’t have any listing of MONITORS in the device manager section.

Santosh Maharjan November 22, 2010 at 7:22 pm

Probably your display adapter is not getting EDID from the monitor because it got corrupted. You need to flash your monitor to reset the EDID in it’s EPROM.

HHaddow December 15, 2011 at 8:23 pm

why not remove the p&p driver as that wont allow extended functionality that the samsung driver would (the p&p driver is meant for monitors without drivers just as you can run your graphics card without drivers as it will use a (hidden) p&p/generic driver)

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