Some Safe Browsing Tips For Internet

by Rohit Khurana on September 20, 2010


In 21st century, Internet is accessed by the people of all ages for their respective purposes either for education, work, entertainment and many more. You can get knowledge about everything which is existing or in research. But, now-a-days this option has become a reason of concern for the parents and teachers regarding their young children.

Parents can’t always keep an eye on their child’s internet activities so its better to use some precautions and safety measures to ensure a safe experience of internet. But most of the parents do not know how to do that.

In solution to this, Google has come up with some tools and advices for parents by which they can protect and educate their young children on using the internet.

Google has provided some tools and controls that help you manage your online experience.

There is an option of ‘Google Safe Search’ which is designed to remove sites that contains sexually explicit content from our search results. By default, Moderate Safe Search is ON but for more precautions you can select Strict Safe Search.

You can do this by going in the option of ‘Search Settings’ at the top-right of Google homepage and then in the option ‘SafeSearch Filtering’.


There is a possibility that your children knows about this setting and can do changes without your knowledge. For this, there is an option of saving your setting using a password by going in the option ‘Lock SafeSearch’.

After locking your search option, your Google search will appear with colored balls which will ensure you that your kids searches are safe even from a distance.



Also, you can work closely with the organisations such as charities, others in our industry and government bodies dedicated to protecting young people. There are some common issues that are of big concerns to parents which are:

1. Sexually explicit and violent material

2. Meeting strangers online

3. Sharing too much personal information

4. Cyber bullying

5. Exposure to vulgar language

6. Sites promoting inappropriate behaviours such as eating disorders and drug use

7. Malware

You can read the advices of these organisations on these topics on the given link:

Advice on Safety Issues

You can also report inappropriate content on YouTube, Buzz, Blogger and Picasa Web Albums.

For example, if you find any video on YouTube inappropriate then, you can report it by just clicking ‘Flag’ below the link which will show a list of reason why you want to report that video. Just select the appropriate one and click ‘Flag this video’.

The video will then be reviewed by a team and if found inappropriate, will be deleted.


Likewise, read how to report abuse to other sites in the given link:

Reporting Inappropriate Content

You can also watch videos of parents view on this topic on Thoughts From Parents.

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