Start / Stop SQL Server From Command Prompt or Run Prompt

by Rohit Khurana on February 13, 2009



Microsoft SQL server is a a service that helps run database related applications to run. Recently we received a mail from one of our reader shaik who wants to know how can he run SQL Server through run prompt or command prompt.


Here is the mail from him

I would like to open SQL SERVER 2005 through RUN prompt 


So, he is actually interested in the commands to run or stop SQL Server 2005 directly with some commands which can be run through run prompt.


Let’s see how can we start, stop SQL Server 2005 through run prompts with some simple commands



SQL Server 2005 is actually a service running behind, so you can start and stop the instance of SQL Server by starting or stopping the service.


1. Open Start Menu >> Run,


2. Run the following command to run or stop the SQL Server


2.1 To Start SQL Server 2005 – run the following command at run prompt   

net start mssqlservaer


2.2 To Stop SQL Server 2005 – run the following command at run prompt   

net stop mssqlserver


3. That’s it


Note: You can also run these commands through command prompt or store both of these commands in batch file in sequence of stop and start command to restart running SQL Server.

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buntha May 18, 2010 at 7:32 am

I can start and stop sql server 2005 following:
1. Please to command prom by click start ->click Run -> type ‘cmd’
2. net start smsqlserver (to start sql server) ->enter
3. net stop smsqlserver (to stop sql server) -> enter

note: if you cannot start/stop sql server please check sql server is installed correct or not.

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