Stop Multiple YouTube Videos From Playing And Buffering Simultaneously

by Rohit Khurana on April 30, 2012


YouTube is a popular service and offers millions of Videos from the world to us conveniently on one page. We use these YouTube videos for fun, education, learning, entertainment etc. We also use it for uploading and sharing out own videos with our readers and friends. One of the problematic features in YouTube, which gets worse if you are on a slow connection is the automatic buffering. In YouTube, if you search for a particular video and you open multiple videos on different tabs, one problems is that they start to play together or they start buffering all at once which makes the buffering slow for all of them, this can be very annoying particularly on a slow Internet connection. In this quick and easy tutorial, I will share a free Google Chrome extension with you called the “YouTube Options for Google Chrome” which helps you stop automatic buffering and playback of YouTube Videos.


Not only does the extension helps in preventing automatic playback and buffering, but also it provides additional options with which you can hide all options and elements on the YouTube Page except the video for a more immersive video viewing experience and use some additional options which you find usually missing in the standard YouTube interface.

youtube options for Google chrome


It is very easy to use this extension with Google Chrome browser, you can simply install the app form the the chrome extensions directory here. Simply add to your Google chrome browser and next time when you play any YouTube video, the options will appear in the address bar as a YTO red coloured button. Click on it for hiding or showing any stuff you like on the YouTube Video page.

youtube options for Google chrome-options

To stop Automatic playback and buffering of the videos from YouTube, simply click on the “Options…” link on the YTO options and click on advanced settings. It will open some more advanced settings like the settings page in the snapshot in this article. Simply check the check-boxes which say “Disable auto-play” and “Disable auto-buffering

youtube options for Google chrome-settings

This will stop multiple YouTube videos from playing all at once or simultaneously and will also prevent their buffering so that the Internet connection does not get slow. We hope you find this small tutorial useful, so do share it with your friends. Check out some more Internet Tips and Tricks by Troublefixers.

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Steve April 30, 2012 at 9:20 pm

Is this something I can find in Firefox?

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