Stop Automatic Buffering Of Flash and Silverlight Content To Save Bandwidth

by Rohit Khurana on June 27, 2011


Internet has definitely become one of the major medium of transferring information, gathering data, entertainment along with much more facilities. Today not only in offices but internet is also being used in homes by almost every computer user. Various service providers are providing internet connection and some of them gives services for limited amount of bandwidth. So, if we look closely then Bandwidth is definitely one of the main aspect which is to be kept in mind and we also know that doesn’t come cheap as the users are paying for it.

So, when we say that we are paying for it then definitely we don’t want to waste it. If you have a monthly limit on bandwidth to be used then you may also know that Flash is one of the thing which consumes lot of bandwidth. Although most of the flash content is good enough and looks good for the amount of bandwidth they use. Some of the flash based games or as we see videos on YouTube are those flash contents which proves to be fruitful when we compare it with the amount of bandwidth they use. But, leaving these few games and videos, much of the content simply consumes your precious bandwidth and you would rather not want to have it.

In order to provide solution for this issue we introduce a new extension for Firefox which can help you out in order to save this bandwidth. FlashPause is an extension for Firefox that allows you to save your precious bandwidth by allowing you to stop Flash and Silverlight content from loading into the browser. This also comes with one more feature that either you may stop the loading of the content on any specific part of the page or on the complete page.



In order to have this extension in your Firefox browser, you just have to download it from the below given link and simply install it with your browser. After installing it, you may see that it adds two new options to your right-click context menu. These two options will look as “Pause all flashand “Play all flash”. You may observe then whenever you right click on any page opened in Firefox browser, you may see these two options by which you can suspend the flash content present on the page by simply clicking on “Pause on flash”. One more thing which must be noted here is that if you right-click simply on the flash object, then you will not get these options and that is because the context menu that opens there will be the one related to the flash objects. So, in order to see these options you must click on any of the empty part of the page. After clicking the option it will stop the content from loading and thus in this way it helps in saving your bandwidth. In order to reload it you may simply choose the other option of playing the content.


One of the best feature about this extension is that you may either stop the content on the whole page to be displayed or you may simply choose a part on the page where you don’t want the content to be displayed. Simply download it from the below given link and you may try it out.

Install flashPause For Firefox

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