[Fixed] Computer, Laptop Wakes Up From Sleep On Moving Mouse

by Rohit Khurana on March 5, 2011


When I go out for lunch during my typical work day, I make my Windows 7 laptop computer sleep so that it remains in the same state when I come back and it should also save power. When you sleep a computer, it turns off almost all the parts of the PC, just giving enough power required to keep the RAM retain its state. This way computer comes awake very fast when turned on from sleep mode. But one problem I have been facing lately is that if by mistake, my computer table shakes, or mouse moves even a little after my computer is in sleep, it wakes up the computer. This is waste of electricity to keep the computer running by mistakenly moving the mouse.

In this post, I will share a very simple 4 step tutorial to stop you computer mouse from waking up your computer when its put in sleep mode. Just follow these simple steps for the settings. I have made this tutorial for Windows 7, it works for Windows Vista and other versions as well, there might be minor variations in the Menus and buttons in other versions of Windows.

Step 1: Open Control Panel > Mouse


Step 2: Click Hardware Tab select your connected mouse device and click Properties button towards the lower side of the Window as seen below.



Step3: On the General properties tab, click the button “Change Settings”.  This will open the mouse properties settings window.


Step 4: On the mouse properties windows, click on “Power Management” tab and uncheck the option which says “Allow this device to wake the computer” and click OK


This is it, so now next time you sleep your Windows Computer, it won’t wake if you mistakenly move your mouse. To wake up your computer, you can either press the Space Bar key on the keyboard or the power key of your computer. Hope you find this tutorial easy to follow.

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