Block Apps, Games Notifications on Facebook

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on July 2, 2012


It’s a known fact that for most of the facebook users the most annoying things are notifications from different apps and games which your facebook friends might be using and these apps whether your friends do it or not will send you notifications to your facebook profile.

Now there can be different ways you can block these apps and games notifications on facebook, we will today tell you about all these ways with which you can easily block any facebook app like Glassdoor, Farmville etc individually or block all the apps and games forever.

Blocking Apps and Games From Facebook Notifications Panel

In order to block facebook apps and games you can individually block them from notifications panel, you can get rid of them now from the notifications the first time you see them, you just need to click the cross symbol on the app or game notification shown on the right and then turn off the respective notifications as shown in the image below.

turn off notifications from app


Turn Off All Apps and Games Notifications on Facebook

Another way to turn off all notifications of all the apps and games so that you don’t receive any notifications on your facebook profile related to any facebook app or game, it disable all facebook apps under privacy settings, select Turn off all apps.

Block All Facebook Apps

Now you will need to select all the apps or selected apps to block and then click the turn off button as shown in the image below.

Block Apps, Games Notifications on Facebook

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