Stop Opening Of Multiple Tabs Of Same Website or Webpage In Google Chrome

by Rohit Khurana on September 10, 2011


Sometimes the number of tabs that you have opened in a window can increase exponentially. Prevent Duplicate Tabs is a Chrome extension that will prevent the duplicate tabs from opening from the same website. The application ensures that there is only one tab opened from a particular URL in a given window.


The application works in three different modes i.e. first one ensures that there is no duplicate webpage opened, second mode prevents the duplicate tab from the same domain from being opened  and Off. You can easily navigate between the different modes and select any setting that you want. The extension will add an icon just next to the URL bar which can be used to toggle between the various modes by clicking on it. When there will be a green arrow on the icon the extension, it will prevent the duplicate webpage’s from opening. That means that you can open different webpages a single website but you cannot open the same web page twice. When there will be a blue icon on the extension , it will prevent the duplicate page from being opened from a particular web address. In case you already had two pages from the website before switching to this mode those webpages will not be affected. When you open the new webpage from the same site that webpage will remain opened and all the previously opened pages will be closed. When color of the arrow on the extension is red, it indicates that the extension is inactive and now you can open as many tabs of a site as you want.


Duplicate tabs1

The Prevent Duplicate Tabs extension can be installed from the download link which will be provided later. After installing the software you will get the message that the software is installed successfully. The extension that is installed can be accessed by the small button to the right of the URL text box.

Duplicate tabs2

The options that you will get when you will right click on the Prevent Duplicate Tabs extension are Prevent Duplicate Tabs, Options, Disable, Uninstall, Hide Button and Manage Extensions. A left click on the extension will change the color of the extension between green, blue and red. The three different colors of the extensions are for the three different modes of the extension i.e. first mode ensures that there is no duplicate webpage opened, second mode prevents the duplicate tab from the same domain from being opened  and Off. The third mode Off disables the extension.

Download Prevent Duplicate Tabs

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gabe April 10, 2012 at 8:37 pm

Can this be done in Internet Explorer?

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