Swap Windows On Dual or Extended Monitor Windows PC Quickly

by Rohit Khurana on January 6, 2011


If you like to use a dual monitor display on your Windows PC or en extended monitor setup on your laptop then you may find this small utility very useful. Most of the professional users, developers and gaming enthusiasts who use dual display setup on their Windows PC know need to switch Windows on their screens. We have written a small tutorial for Moving Windows on a Windows 7 PC. Toady I will share an even faster trick, but this does only swap the active Windows on the two displays.


All you need to do is to run this small executable file called SwapWin.exe and the Open Windows on the two monitors will get swapped. All the active Windows on Monitor 1 will go to Monitor 2 and vice-e-versa.



This utility has some small shortcomings like :

  • Does not resize window if moving between screens of different sizes.
  • Cannot define custom check points – currently using centers of working areas.
  • Does not support hotkey itself.

To solve the hotkey issue, just drag the executable file to the Windows Taskbar and it will create a taskbar shortcut which will be always accessible. Just hit the icon on the taskbar once and the Windows will be swapped in no time at all. I am totally finding this utility very useful and handy in swapping my open Windows on the Displays. Hope you like it too, give it a try.

Download SwapWin

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