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by Abhishek Bhatnagar on June 3, 2010


Firefox is one of the most popular web browser with Internet users who want something more flexible than the Internet Explorer by Microsoft. One of the problems with most of the heavy computer users who work on many computers like work computer, personal laptops and personal desktops is synchronizing the Firefox settings, profiles, bookmarks, browsing history etc.


There are several tools and extensions for the same but they are either in beta phase, some work offline and some are not secure with encrypted data, but not any more. Mozilla has just released its official synchronization add-on called the Firefox Sync. This was earlier into beta testing phase as Weave Sync project in Mozilla Labs. In the upcoming major release of the Firefox, it will become a part of the Firefox without the need of any extension.

In this tutorial I will explain you how you can use this add-on to Synchronize Firefox among different computers securely using a secure password and passphrase encryption.

1. Visit and Download Firefox Sync Add-on



2. Press install now on installation screen.


3. After installation is complete, click Restart Firefox Button. This will include the add-on with Firefox when it starts again.


4. To set up synchronization, you need to click the first option on the first computer and second option on any subsequent computers you want to sync.


Firefox Sync Setup

5. For first time registration, you need to select username, set password, confirm email id, etc.


6. Next you need to add a passphrase which will be used for encrypting the data on this sync.


7. Select what you want to sync, its default option includes everything, i.e. Bookmarks, Passwords, Preferences, History and Tabs.


8. Enter a CAPTCHA code to confirm the account and its good to go.


After this successful completion, you will see Firefox Sync webpage.


You can see the sync in action in the Firefox Status bar as seen in the snapshot below.


Hope you find this tutorial useful.

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