[How To] Use Google Docs Like Dropbox To Sync Google Documents Automatically With Multiple Computers Across OS

by Rohit Khurana on December 21, 2011


Today I have got an application named insync which will help you to sync your Google docs just like you can sync your data on Dropbox. The application will act as an intermediate between Google Docs and local folder where the documents are stored. The application also provides the file synchronization, collaboration and sharing options. The application will provide you two way synchronization, you only have to connect your Google account with this application and rest will be taken care by it. The application will also provide you the option to sync all the Google Apps accounts so that it can make a data back up of all your Google Accounts data.

The application has a web based document management system for Google Docs in order to view, share, sync up and sync down. The application allows you to select the document ,share it with other people, generate its public link to make it available to everyone and restore the previous file versions of a particular document. All of this can be done using the insync option in the Windows context menu.

Insync 1

In order to connect Google Docs of your Gmail account with insync first create an insync account. Then when you sign in to your account you will get the option To connect Your Google Docs or Google Apps to the insync account. You also have to install the client application for insync on your system the link for which will be provided at the end of the article. After you will install the insync application in your system you will be able to view all your Google docs from your desktop.

Insync 2

The application will show you the latest synchronization that is happening with your Google Docs. Once you right click on the application’s icon in the system tray and then select the Recent Activities option it will show you the latest docs that are getting updated.


Insync 3

Once you select the Open Insync Folder option in the application menu it will show you the folder in the windows where all the Google docs are stored.

Insync 7

The folder will directly sync all the documents that you will put in this folder to the Google docs. Once you select any document and right click on it and go to the Insync option in the context menu and then select the Versions option from the submenu to show you all the versions of this document available and you can see and restore any version that you want.

Insync 8

This window shows you all the versions of the document that are available. The add Google account button pointed out by the arrow can be used to sync the multiple Google accounts.

Insync 5

The application also allows you to sync and unlink the documents from various machines using the My Machines option pointed out by the arrow.

Download Insync

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