Synchronize Google Chrome Opened Tabs Across Different Computers

by Rohit Khurana on November 15, 2011


Google has provided us with a new service called Google Cloud in order to synchronize a lot of things. The service will not allow you to sync up your open tabs in the Google Chrome browser. But today I have got a solution to your problem. I will provide you the steps to synchronize the your open tabs in the Google chrome across various browsers opened in different machine in no time.

Google Chrome 6

First step is to click on settings icon in the Google Chrome. The icon has a spanner made on it. when you will click on this icon the pop out window will pop out with various options like New tab, New window, Bookmarks, Edit, Zoom, History, Download, Options and Exit. Then you will have to click on the Option window.

Google Chrome 1

When you will click on the options window above window will open for you. Then of the four options available i.e. Basics, Personal Stuff, Under the Hood and Extensions you will have to select Personal Stuff. Then select the first option available in Personal Stuff is Set up sync.

Google Chrome 2

When you will click on the option which says Set up sync the above window will open for you. You will have to enter your credentials for your Google account.


Google Chrome 3

After you will enter your credentials for your Google account and they are verified the above window will open for you. The window has options for you to Customize Sync Preferences. The window will give you the option to sync your Apps, Extensions, Themes, Autofill, Passwords, Bookmarks and Preferences. You will also have an option to encrypt the passwords before you sync them .You will also have an option to select all the information to encrypt them before you sync them. You will also get the option to choose the encryption passphrase. Passphrase can be your Google password or anything else that you like. There is also an option to restore the setting to default in case you have made some change by mistake. The dropdown in the window has option to Sync Everything or to Sync Selected items.

Google Chrome 4

After this open the Google Chrome browser and type chrome://flags/ in the address bar and press enter. After you press enter the above window will open which has a lot of options like Side Tabs, Print Preview, Click to Play, Smooth Scrolling, Panels and many more.

Google Chrome 5

Enable the option which says Enable syncing open tabs and your tabs will get synced on all the computer with the same Google account.

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Wiley December 11, 2011 at 3:24 am

Ok, now what?

I set those settings on chrome on my machine at work before I left. I set the same settings here at home. How do I get all the open tabs that I left at work to show up here? What is the action to open the tabs?

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