Test Hard Disk Condition With Free Acronis Drive Monitor

by Rohit Khurana on June 16, 2010


Hard disks are one of the most important parts of a computer because of the value of data it contains. If your computer is some time old, you must be having a lots of important data, pictures, videos, music and other stuff on your hard disk which might be really priceless for you. Failure of a hard disk and loosing such priceless data may mean much more than the hardware cost of a hard-disk. We have already reviewed tools to diagnose the health of your computer’s hard disk and many more SMART based tools which keep a check on the hard disk health.


In this port I will review one more tool called the Acronis Drive Monitor, which is a free tool for personal use. The benefit of monitoring the status of a hard drive is that it will inform you in advance if the health of the disk is degrading. Degrading health of a hard disk is a sign that the hard disk may go bad anytime and you should take your important data and consider replacing the disk.


Acronis Drive Monitor is a free tool for personal use and it monitors the SMART parameter to determine the condition of the hard disk and predict problems which are likely to occur. The interface of the tools is very simple and helps you see the summary as well as detailed view of the disks attached to your computer which support SMART parameters.


When you click the Disks icon on the left hand vertical pane, it will display the list of disks attached and will show the SMART parameters with a report which tells whether there parameters are OK or not.


We hope you find this tool useful and handy.

Download Acronis Drive Monitor

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Mayur June 16, 2010 at 5:30 pm

Nice tool. Your blog looks really cool now, the old theme was too dull.

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