Test Run Untrusted Or Unsecure Softwares, Applications or Downloads In Protected Zone

by Rohit Khurana on September 30, 2011


Sometimes you install some applications which may corrupt your computer Windows OS and you will have to setup your system once again. But now there is a freeware software named BufferZone Pro which will allow you to test the software in a virtual zone before installing in the actual computer environment so that in case the software is malicious or some files get corrupt, it won’t harm your computer.

The application is a security suite which uses virtualization technology to protect your computer’s operating system from any threat by isolating all the files and program from it. The application will help you in differentiating the process that is running in the virtual environment from the process running in the actual windows environment by enclosing the window with the red border indicating that the software will not make any changes. The application will automatically protect browsers, download clients and instant messengers. If you want to add an application to the protection list it can also be added to the list. You can also choose to run a software in the virtual zone or remove the software already running in the virtual zone by choosing the required option from the Explorer right click menu.

BufferZoneProFree 1

This is the first window which will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The software will show you the programs that are currently running in the virtual environment under the BufferZone Programs section.

BufferZoneProFree 2


The options pane will open when you will click on the border arrow on the left hand side of the window. The options pane will have options like Summary, Policy, Firewall, Configuration and Help. The summary window is the default window that opens up when you will open the software for the first time which contains some statistics like Internet activities contained, Privacy threats prevented and System threats prevented.

BufferZoneProFree 3

The policy option will contain options to decide what programs and devices inside the computer to be put in the virtual environment  automatically. The Installer and Updates inside BufferZone Pro option makes the application put all the signed programs outside itself and the unsigned programs inside itself which can be controlled by the slider. The other option is the External Device Control which decides whether the external devices have to be monitored or not this can also be monitored with the help of slider.

BufferZoneProFree 4

The Firewall option will allow you to add the various programs and decide whether you want to enable or disable the Firewall.

BufferZoneProFree 5

The Configuration will let you to put a password for the application so that no one except you can open the application and add or remove any application from the BufferZone Pro.

Download BufferZone Pro

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