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Andy – Brilliant!! Thank you, thank you, after two days of chasing rainbows and a load of suggestions which did not work…YOU solved the problem.
So easy, but you do need to know…..
thanks again


Barry – BRILLIANT!!!! worked like a charm, THANKS!!!!! you saved my day!


Deyaa Addeen Fahmy Shedeed – You teach me more and more every day.
thanks a lots.


Brian – WOW…..I cant believe that actually worked. I was a bit skeptical, but figured what the hell. I did it in 10 minutes by removing the JBATT jumper on the motherboard and unplugging the PC. Turned it on, POST told me the CPU changed and CMOS defaults were loaded, enter setup and save settings. I did that, updated the time and crossed fingers. VICTORY!!!!!


Kitkat – Nice tips. I will come here more often to learn from you 🙂


Manoranjan  – Hi TroubleFixers,

Thanks a lot………this tool is just amazing…..its solve my problem in a sec.Previously i was thinking of for a clean format but you have solved my problem.Thanks a lot once again.


Mary -God bless you, your blog always help me


Sunny – Hi…nice blog…
this is one of the most useful blogs i have ever come across!!

great work and keep it up and kicking!!


Fazal – Great script mine…. It works flawlessly…. you really saved me from formatting my system.. ya its obvious that even formatting wont help in this case…
Cool work… Thanks again


Jamie – thank so much! i’ve succeeded in enabling the regedit through your vbscript……. muaahhh!!!


Ann – thank you very much.

such a big help.



Sampath – Thanks a lot

now my problem is solved regarding opening the drives by a double click instead of going open with dialog box after trying ur soln.it’s very useful.


Kapil – hey thanks
its a wonderuful soulution. This idea is easy to perform and works effectively.thank you so muchhhh!!!!!!


Cesar – THANKS!!!!! it was so simple an easy to do. KEEP THE GOOD WORK I AM REALLY HAPPY


Sam – thanks sooo much iam very thanking from worker and over of this Site its opened my brain iam very happy and thanking again and again i wish you’re all be the best of luck Ty Ty

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