Check Detailed File and Folder Structure And Changes In Windows

by Rohit Khurana on February 25, 2012


There are many Hard Disk utilities for Windows which let you check the detailed file structure visually like WinDirStat which we have reviewed earlier also. In this article I am going to share a much more powerful tool which is called FilePro which is free for home users. The tool not only shows you hard disk usage profile and tree map, but also lets you take a snapshot of the current hard disk partition. Which means you can save the current hard disk usage state and compare it with taking a snapshot in future and see what all changes have taken place. In short, this tool helps you check detailed file and folder structure and monitor changes happening on any hard disk partition or Folder on a Partition in Windows. The use of this tool can be multiple – Library administrators can keep a check on the hard disk changes and hard disk usage patterns over time, administrators can even detect malicious activities or suspicious files on a hard disk by comparing it with previous snapshots. Besides being a powerful tool, FilePro is fairly simple to use and is free for Home or personal use. You may have to purchase a license to use it on an institution or corporate or commercially used computer. Please see the license terms in the software for details.

Check Detailed File and Folder Structure And Changes

image – File Pro Tree Map of Hard Disk Partition

FilePro is a light weight tool and takes just a few minutes to download and install based on your Internet connectivity. Just launch the tool, select the Partition or Directory to scan and click on the Scan button. It may take some time to scan the disk depending on the number of files and folders inside the disk or folder to be scanned.

File Pro Detailed Review (4)

Image – FilePro Tool Snapshot


File Pro Detailed Review (3)

Image – FilePro Tool Snapshot

After the scan is completed you can see the default Tree map as shown in the snapshot above. You can also check the TreeSize, Folder Statistics and File Statistics View also.

How To Track Changes Made On A Folder Or Hard Disk Partition?

To track the changes happening on a folder or hard disk partition, you need to first select the Folder or the Partition you want to track. Once the scan is completed, click on the Save button to save the Snapshot (or the state of folder or hard disk). You can also give your comments which may include remarks related to the time or the changes made to the hard disk.

File Pro Detailed Review (10)

image – Saving a disk partition snapshot in FilePro

After you want to track the changes or save another snapshot on a periodic bases, run the scan again. Save this scan also like the way you saved previous one.

Then go to Tools > Compare Snapshots and select the two different snapshots from the saved snapshots which you want to compare and click Start button.

File Pro Detailed Review (11)

This will show you a detailed list of changes made to the partition or the folder which  you scanned. We hope you find this tutorial useful.

Download FilePro via – Ghacks

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