Transfer A Big File With HjSplit From One Computer to Another

by Rohit Khurana on December 17, 2008



Today we got another mail regarding a problem by our regular reader Kavi saying

I want to know from you that if one movie is of size  1.02GB after compressing. Now if we want to transfer it from one pc to another pc via 1GB pen drive

As you can read the message in quotes if you want to transfer a file which is greater than 1 GB from one computer to another computer and you have a 1 GB drive which actually gives you around 800 – 900 MB of space.


There can two types of solutions to this problem depending on the location of the two remote computers, if the two computers are placed some what close to each other physically then you can connect two computers p2p through LAN Network.


If these computers are not close to each other than you are not left with any other option than splitting the big files into multiple parts depending on the size of your pen drive.



Let’s see how can we split a single big file into multiple parts and then transfer them one by one through the same pen drive.


For splitting the large file you can use the free software called HjSplit


What is HjSplit?

HjSplit is a completely free software which lets you split large files into multiple files and also combines the multiple files to the single large file.


Now, as per the problem we have a single large file of 1.02 GB which we can split into 2 files and transfer them from one computer to another computer.

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gurinder December 18, 2008 at 7:40 am

Dear pcs hard drives are not opening.when i open it gives the message conatct your system administrator.teh drives open only in Acdsee.waht should i do any body can suggest me.

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