[Solved] Fix Windows 8 Metro Apps Fail To Run, Hang or Sudden Quit

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on July 11, 2012


Since the release of windows 8 consumer preview, we have got some queries regarding some users facing different issues with some metro apps, some times windows 8 metro apps don’t run at low resolutions and some times when a user try to close them, windows 8 apps does not quit or stop

Low Resolution Obstructing Metro Apps To Run

If you are also facing some similar or other problem with metro apps in windows 8, you are at the right page. The major issues with the metro apps in most of the cases is that when you are running windows 8 on screen resolution less than or equal to 1024x 768, but still there is a way to force metro apps to run on low resolution.

UAC is Turned Off in Windows 8 ?

As per some information we got from some users and microsoft, If the user account control is not working properly then it may cause some metro apps not to run properly. In such case you should make sure that user account control in windows 8 should be enabled, should be set to default so that it does not cause problems in functioning of some metro apps in windows 8 as shown in the image below.

User Account Control Defualt Settings Windows 8


Graphics Driver Which Are Causing Metro Apps Not To Run

Another reason which some of the users faced because of which windows 8 metro apps were not running is the old graphics drivers on their computer, in such cases you will need to update the latest graphics drivers on your pc, you can follow out guide to update windows 8 graphics drivers

Try Windows 8 Metro Apps Troubleshooter From Microsoft

Windows 8 support team at microsoft has released a tool to fix some issues causing your windows 8 metro apps to fail, we call this tool as windows 8 apps troubleshoot tool

windows 8 apps troubleshooter tool

Problems With Windows 8 Accounts

Metro apps could cause a problem in case, if you are using windows live account in windows 8 to make some metro apps to run you can try adding a local account. For this you can follow our guide on removal of live id account in windows 8

Finally, You Can Reset or Refresh Windows 8

If none of the solutions above has worked for you then, you can try resetting or refreshing windows 8 by following the steps to refresh or reset windows to check if the metro apps work for you. If nothing worked for please let us know your problem in detail by leaving a comment at the end of this post.

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raja kadali August 17, 2012 at 12:47 am

I’ve installed windows 8 release preview in my laptop
all my metro apps are working, except for messaging app
it is not working.
please find me a solution.
-thank you

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