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by Rohit Khurana on July 13, 2010


Sometimes we need to change our DNS address when the Websites Do Not Open In Web Browser. The changes are preferred because when they are changed to the available public DNS servers then it increases the performance of your internet connection by reducing the time it takes to resolve a DNS query. But now the problem arises that from where to find this address? No worries, because I found a freeware for you, known as Public DNS tool, which will change the DNS address of your connection to any of the desired DNS address.


We have already mentioned about ‘DNS Jumper’ and ‘Google DNS Helper’ in previous posts and there we have mentioned that changing DNS may provide you a safe, secure and faster option to browse on net and there are many DNS addresses which can be used for this purpose. So, it is not possible to remember each one of them and even if you do remember them then you will not waste your time by changing them manually. This tool will changes the DNS address as per you choice from the available public DNS addresses.


As you can see from the snapshot that, initially you will have to select the type of network card on your system as this tool is applicable for LAN connection and WiFi connection both. After selecting the type of network interfacing card, you can see the your predefined DNS address. Please note this DNS somewhere, as once you change DNS address with this tool, it will not revert back to the previous address.

This tool can only change the addresses but it cannot revert back to the default settings. If you do remember your predefined DNS address, then you will not have to go network settings in order to change them as you can change your DNS settings by making change in the ‘Current DNS server’ and then press change button.

Now, you are supposed to select the DNS settings to which you want your DNS settings to get changed. The available settings are:-

  • Open DNS
  • Open DNS Family
  • Google
  • Norton
  • ScrubIt
  • DNS advantage

You can select any of them and then press change button, it will stop the DNS cache and then change the DNS settings of your connection.

The size of this tool is less than 200KB and hence it light and portable. It does get installed it can be launched by just double clicking the .exe file of this tool. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been tested on Windows XP and Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Public DNS Server

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