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by Rohit Khurana on September 7, 2010


Every software developers usually releases the new versions of their software from time to time after removing the problems, if any, in their previous version and adding more features and even improving the software’s graphical interface. Some of your software like VLC media player, Adobe reader, CCleaner etc. notifies you every time there is a release of new version, but most of software don’t notify you.

So if you want to keep all your software updated, you will need to manually check for their updates, every time you run any of your software. But in order to solve this problem, today we will be telling you about a tool called SUMo (Software Update Monitor), using which you can automatically check updates for all your installed software. We have already reviewed one such tool called – WinApp Manager.

When you install SUMo, for the very first time you will need to give your basic information to his software so that it can better analyze your computer.

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You will need to fill these details only once. Once you complete all the details, this tool will run.

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Now you can manually add your software in this tool by clicking on file option and then select add option. Then browse for the exe file of the software which you want to add. The other way of doing this is by simply drag and drop your desktop shortcuts in this tool.

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And if you want this tool to monitor all your installed software, then you will need to click on Scan button which is located on the bottom of this tool’s screen. When you click on Scan, this tool will add all the installed software on computer. You can now select any software and click on Remove, if you don’t want to check for its update.

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Now once it gets loaded with all the application whose update you want to  check, just click on Check Button and then this tool will automatically fetch data and check for updates for all your applications. It takes very less time to check for updates and will even categorize your update status as Up-to-date, Minor update and Major Update.


07-09-2010 00-29-09

You can see above that it have found two of my application for Major update and one for Minor update. This categorization for the updates is the very useful feature as it tells you about the priority level for every update. If any update is categorize as Major update, then it means there is lot of changes in new version and you should download its latest version. Minor update means that there is very sleek changes in new version. So there is not too much priority to update the software. And Up-to-date are all those application which are of latest version and there is no new update available for them.

Now you can decide which all applications you want to update. If you don’t want to update any of application, then you will need to select that particular application and press on Ignore button. Once you done with it, Click on Get Update to transform your software to the latest versions.

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You can see above that I have ignored updates for two of my application. So when you ignore any application, this tool will remove that particular application form its window. Now when you will click on Get Update, to update your application, it will automatically find it over internet explorer and will show you the download link. You can see below , how this tool has shown me for the update of my Win RAR.

07-09-2010 00-40-37

Hence using this tool, you will be able to easily monitor all your installed application and check for their lasted version by just single click. This tool will then automatically show you the download link for all the applications whose update you want to install. And you can also even save the list of tools whose update you want to check more often, by simply clicking on tools and then export a file as text file or Spread sheet File.

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The size of this tool is 1.91 Mb and as usual it will create a desktop shortcut which can be used to use this freeware. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7- 32 bit edition.

Download SUMo

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