Make Windows PC More Secure By Updating Vulnerable Softwares

by Rohit Khurana on July 5, 2012


Windows is the most popular operating system on laptops and desktop computers around the world. One of the most useful feature of Windows is that you can install any compatible Windows software and put the computer to your use for the purpose you need the software or application. This freedom to choose form millions of softwares for different purposes does make Windows very popular, but this freedom is also one of the biggest security threats. Since windows can not possibly check what all software you use have become outdated or have possible security vulnerabilities which have been fixed in newer versions but you might still be using the older and unsecure versions of the software. Windows can check its own updates and updates for Microsoft products via Internet, but third party softwares, you have to do it yourself and many users don’t check for any updates for long times.

In this article I am going to share some very useful tools which help you update non-Microsoft softwares and applications installed on your Windows PC and check for updates from time to time. These tools help you keep up-to-date with the latest versions of the softwares you use which not only improves the security aspect of a computer, but also provides better and improved features and stability added to softwares in the newer versions. Below is a list of useful tools for updating softwares in Windows:

Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI)

Secunia Personal Software Inspector is a free software which scans all the installed softwares on your PC and suggest you what all softwares are available for update. It shows the Approve update link after scan for softwares which can be updated directly and website links for the softwares which need to be downloaded manually.

Secunia Personal Software Inspector

If you approve an available update, it will be downloaded and installed automatically.


automatic update of windows software

SUMo (Software Update Monitor)

Sumo or software Update Monitor allows you to scan and download softwares in batch which makes it easy for Windows users to easily download latest version. Check out

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Soft2Base is a silent batch updater and installer which is a very useful feature to install more utilities which are not installed or may install.

select programs to update

Smildrivers (For Driver Updates)

Slimdrivers does not update the software applications but it does get you updated drivers which will help the computer run more efficiently.


WinApp Manager

WinApp Manager also helps to update thee software applications and has a simple to use interface.

WinAppManager Review1

So we would suggest you to keep your Windows OS and installed softwares updates for improved security of your computer. Check out some more security tips by Trouble Fixers.

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