Update Softwares Installed In Windows With WinApp Manager

by Rohit Khurana on March 24, 2010


There are lots of different softwares which most of have on our window computer based on our need and usage. Most of these softwares are third party softwares, i.e softwares which are not a part of Microsoft or Microsoft Windows.


One of the major problems is that most of third party applications which do not belong to Microsoft are not updated automatically unlike Windows update which usually keeps all Microsoft Windows related components  up-to-date.


It is important to have latest version of softwares installed on your computer as it improved the security and performance of your computer. Most of the third party softwares keep releasing stable and more secure versions of their existing softwares with newer features from time to time. In this article I will review a free Application called WinApp Manager which will help you keep all these softwares up to date.

WinApp Manager is a freeware and works somewhat similar to Application Manager works in Ubuntu. It will first scan what applications are installed on your Windows Computer and their software versions. After this, it will check the software official website sources to check whether there is a newer official version available for the softwares installed on your computer. It shows you the report after scanning and gives you options to install the latest version in just a few clicks of mouse.

WinAppManager Review


There is a button on the top of the user interface to check for the version again.

WinAppManager Review1

You can individually select which application / software you want to upgrade and it will download and install the latest version available online for the same. I tested WinApp Manager on Windows 7 Ultimate and updated Notepad++ utility.

WinAppManager Review2

After download and install it will show a success message like the on below.

WinAppManager Review3

Besides being up to Windows 7 compatible, the WinApp Manager does not require Installation. This means that you can simple extract it on to a pen drive and use it portably on any computer by running it from a pen drive.

Download WinApp Manager [via- Technospot]

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